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St Peter's

Although there was a hamlet of Lawrence Weston from the Middle Ages onwards, it was part of the parish of Henbury until the construction of the Lawrence Weston housing estate after the second world war.


The first services in this new Church of England parish were held at Kings Weston House until the first church building was constructed in 1950, affectionately nicknamed the ‘Jelly Mould’.


The parish was originally known as the parish of Christ the King with St Peter. In 1958, with the induction of a new vicar, the parish changed its name to St Peter's in memory of the city church by Castle Park that had been bombed during the second world war.


Three years later, work began on the new Church building which was completed and dedicated in March 1962.

St Andrew's

Originally part of the parish of Shirehampton, Avonmouth became a parish in its own right in 1893, when the church of St Andrew was built (although not completed until 1934). Sadly the church building was severely damaged by a fire bomb in 1941.  The building was repaired and then reconsecrated in 1957. Some of the items in the church including the font and pulpit came from the bomb damaged church of St Ralphael’s in Bedminister. The church contains memorials relating to both the first and second world wars.


The parish became a joint benefice with St Peter’s in 1999.

The church building and hall have not aged well, and so we are embarking on a major project to renovate the church building and create new community facilities.  Have a look at the re-ignite page for more information. 

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