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The Bristol North West Foodbank are running the new Trussell Trust ‘Eat Well, Spend Less’ budgeting and cookery course in Avonmouth & Lawrence Weston. The course runs for 6 mornings over 6 weeks and equips Foodbank clients with basic cookery, food hygiene & household budgeting skills. This is one of the Foodbank’s ‘More than Food’ projects.


Alana who came on the first course in the spring, has really found her feet with cooking fresh food. She says that she now saves £60 a week on shopping because she isn’t buying frozen meals. She said it has made a huge difference to her own eating habits and also it has been really great to start teaching her boys. Making bread with them was the biggest hit!


If you are interested in finding out more about the course, please see the foodbank website:

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